Generic medicines for orgasm and socks

Scientists from different pharmacies have compiled a list of generic meds to increase female sensitivity during sex. The most interesting was the fact that socks play an essential role in achieving orgasm, reported by The Daily Mail.

In their study, scientists from online drugstore noted that women are 1.6 times more likely to reach orgasm if they do not take off their socks during sex. According to experts, if you put on socks, it will allow them to feel more safe and comfortable. In turn, American scientists believe that to achieve sexual satisfaction to women helps the combination of flavors of cucumber and sweets.

In addition, they also found that the fair sex is more likely to pay attention to sad-looking men than to cheerful and cheerful. Scottish scientists have noted that heterosexual women are more likely to choose partners who are similar to their brothers, and according to experts from Austria, girls find men more attractive while listening to their favorite music.