Bee and Wasp Control

Carpenter Bees are an insect that can cause damage around your home.  They get their name from their ability to drill through wood and nest in it. Their drilling will create a nearly perfect hole approximately ½ inch in diameter. You will see round holes and a course sawdust-like substance called frass underneath the holes. You may find old holes near the newer ones. Old nests can be used year after year by the carpenter bee. Their holes are usually located on the underside of any wood surface including siding, soffits, overhangs, decks, fence posts, fascia boards and window frames.

If you see signs of carpenter bees in wood around your house, call us immediately so that we can exterminate them for you.  Our phone number is 812-847-4525.

Many types of bees, hornets, wasps and yellow jackets build nests in trees, overhangs or even inside buildings.  In some cases, attempting to destroy a nest becomes a greater health risk than simply tolerating and avoiding it. But nests, especially those of social species, should be destroyed if they are close enough to humans to pose a stinging threat. The nests of honey bees, bumble bees, yellow jackets and hornets should always be approached with caution. Sometimes, yellow jacket and honey bee nests occur in voids such as vents, attics, crawlspaces or hollow walls. Destroying nests in these locations can be difficult, often requiring the services of pest management professionals.

City Pest Control, Inc. has experience in bee control techniques.  Give us a call if you have trouble with any type of stinging insect.