Flea Control

Flea treatment or flea control would be useless and unsuccessful if the environment is not treated at all.

More than 90% of the fleas in your house are not on your pets. What you see on your dog or cat are the adult fleas and at all times, less than 1% of the fleas are in this stage. The rest of it will either be in the eggs, larvae or cocoon stages and these are what you have to be concerned about.

By the time you discover a few fleas on your pet, thousands of the flea eggs must have fallen into the carpet and cracks in the floor. You can treat your dog or cat with the best flea products available but thousand of fleas eggs will hatch, larvae will crawl out and then the cocoons will develop into more adult fleas. These hungry fleas will once again jump onto your pet and begin the whole cycle once again leading to an endless cycle of re-infestation in your house.

It is very important that frequent vacuuming of the house is done, paying attention to dark areas like underneath the carpet whereby fleas will lay their eggs. It is estimated that vacuuming can remove as much as 50% of the flea eggs. The vibration from vacuuming can result in the emergence of adult fleas from the larvae stage. The newly hatched fleas are then vacuumed up before they could even meet you or your pets!

Because flea cocoons are hard to kill with insecticides, an additional follow-up treatment is usually needed 7 to 10 days after the first application.

As in all recommended flea treatment, the treatment program has to be repeated consistently for as long as a year before you can safely declared your house or home as free of fleas. Some people who have not detect any fleas after treatment tend to be contended with the results and will stop all control measures only to be confronted with the same pesky problem all over again in a few months time. Therefore, the key importance here is in maintaining a diligent effort to repeat the house flea control treatment program as listed above every few months in order to see a lasting effect.

Call City Pest Control for the treatment of a flea problem in your home. If your pets are outside we can treat the lawn area to control the fleas where they stay.