Roach Control

Roaches are every homeowner’s nightmare. If given the opportunity, German Roaches will become a permanent family member! There are different ways of dealing with this pest, but three qualities you need are 1) patience, 2) persistence and 3) knowledge.

Patience is needed because you cannot spray one time and expect to never see another roach. Egg cases will hatch and follow-up treatments are necessary. When sightings occur after treatments, use these sightings to your advantage. There must be a nest or two that were missed so attack that area.

Persistence is needed when dealing with roaches because of their biology. Roaches develop rapidly and studies confirm they will develop faster when their population is under stress. Many of you have experienced a population explosion within two to six weeks after a major clean out. This is nature’s way of preserving the species. A treatment schedule must be made and then strictly adhered to when you decide to clean out a cockroach infestation. Think long term and schedule treatments for the year. This insures your commitment.

Knowledge is another key ingredient when combating these creatures. If you hire a professional, ask questions. Learn what products they are using. Make sure to monitor your problem areas. Ask if extra treatments are needed.

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When an initial treatment for German roaches is done these guidelines should be followed:

Pregnant women and children under five years of age need to stay out of the home overnight or at least six hours, all others (including pets) should vacate residence for a minimum of 4-6 hours.


  • Empty all kitchen and bathroom cabinets, drawers, and closets
  • Clean out all closets and other storage areas
  • Wash or vacuum all cabinets/storage areas
  • Bag all food items
  • Bag all items that you use to prepare or serve food
  • Remove all items from countertops (except large appliances such as microwave oven)
  • Bag all children’s toys
  • Move everything away from all walls 24 inches or more


Do not wash out the inside of cabinets or drawers.

Wipe the following with a damp cloth of a mild solution of soap and water.

  • All counter tops and kitchen table
  • Any surface used to prepare or serve food needs to be thoroughly washed with soap and water
  • Sweep up any bugs or egg casings


If you have chosen a baiting program for your initial roach treatment you will need only to do the following:

  • Vacate home for 4-6 hours during and after treat.

After service:

  • Clean any surface used to prepare or serve food with soap and water
  • All initial baiting programs require a 2-week follow-up.