For most people a home is their largest investment. This is why it is important to make sure termites are not eating away your investment. In the United Sates termite damage and termite control cost Americans an average of around 5 billion dollars annually. This damage is not covered by most home owner’s insurance. Our termite monitoring programs can detect termite activity and stop a termite colony from causing very expensive structural damage to your home.

City Pest Control offers free termite inspections giving you the peace of mind that your home is not under attack.

Reveal Termite Monitoring System

The easy, cost-efficient, and effective way to uncover the presence of termites. City Pest Control offers an early alert system for termites around your home. If termites are found during a routine inspection, a protection level of service can be upgraded at that time. These programs can also be an add-on to any of our regular services for a low rate. If termites are found, City Pest Control will credit you with up to two years of your termite monitoring costs on a termite control program.

Termite Control

If you are looking for termite treatment solution City Pest Control has over 40 combined years of experience in treating for termites. We currently offer the two world leading termite programs available.


Sentricon is a termite colony elimination system. If termites are present on a property the Sentricon system is used to eliminate the colony. If a new colony invades, it also is eliminated with the Sentricon System. This is accomplished by placing Sentricon stations in the soil around the home. Since it was introduced in 1995, nearly five million property owners have chosen it as well as those who care for the White House, the Statue of Liberty, Mount Vernon, The Alamo and other national treasures.


Termidor is made from a revolutionary non-repellent, or “undetectable,” chemical technology. Termidor has consistently proven itself to be fast and effective at eliminating termites in structures. Termidor is proving to be equally effective in keeping termites away. Ongoing field trials by the USDA show no signs of termites at all study sites more than twelve years after treatments. Pest professionals have successfully protected over 3 million U.S. homes with Termidor since it was introduced in 2000