Bat Control

Bats are an advantageous addition to your property. They consume insects at a rate of up to 600 insects per hour per bat. Having the bats roost in your house or outbuildings, however, can create a nuisance for you and a health concern for your family. While you may recognize the benefits of having bats in the neighborhood, you don’t want them creating a problem for you. Trapping bats or attempting to poison them is not an effective solution, and may very likely be illegal. The permanent solution to bat control and removal is a method called exclusion.

What Is Exclusion?

Exclusion is a method that, when done properly, provides a more attractive place for your bats to roost. It then prevents the bats from returning to their previous roost, for example, your attic. Bats don’t want to roost in your attic, but if there is a way for them to enter and exit unhindered, an attic space is an attractive roost.


Never swat at bats with objects such as brooms or bats. This will only make the bat defensive and increase the likelihood of it biting. If you are bitten by a bat, contact your local health department and doctor immediately to seek treatment for a possible rabies infection.

At City Pest Control, Inc. we have experience with controlling bats.  Call and talk to us about some ways you can help control bats or we will work on the control for you.